Who is Bebe Rexha?

You’ve heard her voice and musical contributions for years but you may not know her name.


Nick Spanos billboard.com

Bebe Rexha is a 27 year old albanian singer originally from Brooklyn, New york.

With the release of her first album All Your Fault pt 1 Feb 2017, its time for the world to get to know the 5’5 beautiful Bebe Rexha. We first heard Bebe’s work on the song Monster by Eminem and Rihanna. She wrote the song with a few friends and it was only the beginning. Bebe has worked on songs for Nick Jonas as well as Selena Gomez,now lets check out her awesome collaborations.

We first heard Bebe’s unique voice with G eazy on the track Me, Myself and I  . Its such a catchy song, and I definitely remember when it was stuck in all our heads in 2015.

geasy and bebe

G eazy and Bebe Rexha courtesy of Lastfm

Bebe next appeared on David Guetta’s Hey Mama, although sometimes her credit wasn’t given. Reportedly, this was due to so many feature artists on the song, she was bumped out. Regardless, the positive Bebe shrugged it off, saying at least we are getting used to her voice, so when she releases her own music, we’ll already be used to listening to it.

david guetta and ebeb rexha

David Guetta and Bebe Rexha

In march 2016, Nicki Minaj joined Bebe in the hard to forget song No broken Hearts. The music video depicted a care free and fun atmosphere, and this was definitely a club banger.

bebe and nicki

credit source not found Single release Album Art


Everything changed in 2016 for this beautiful young singer. One of the hardest working people in the business almost 10 years,after Nicki she made the decision to collaborate with Martin Garrix ( be sure to read my upcoming full write up on him!) on the song In the Name of Love. This song is so good, ballad elements, edm beats, and lyrics so simple yet poignant and of course catchy. Released in July, together with Martin , Bebe truly began to see her dreams come true. The music video (click here to watch) is beautiful, Bebe looks fabulous in red, which seems to be a recurring theme in her self expression. Martin looks handsome in a suit and elements of the video are very sensual.

martin garrix and bebe rexha

Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha courtesy photo

But the endlessly talented Bebe is human, and at times has felt unsure of her career path. She admitted in a Jan 2017 interview with Weekend Throwdown. ” I said I can’t do this..literally I was like, I give up…I was thinking about it..” But then, dusting herself off she said, in true New Yorker strength, “Its a blessing to be in Music”. Shortly after struggling with her career identity, New Years Eve 2016 sparked a peaked interest in Bebe, when over 20 million spotify listeners in one month, enjoyed the release of  her first solo single , I Got You .


Bebe in “I Got You”

February 17 2017, her album All your fault pt. 1 was released. It only costs around 5 bucks which is awesome. I have been enjoying the 6 tracks since I downloaded it. Bebe has said that this first part is rhythmic and urban with the upcoming parts to the album having difference musical influences. Releasing parts of her album separately has been a strategy to try to avoid songs being lost in today’s hyper speed music industry. I believe it may be an awesome strategy and wise business decisions such as this one I’m sure will help Bebe have a long successful music career. After enjoying her album and watching and reading countless interviews, she definitely has my admiration and respect.




If you would like to hear Bebe Rexha’s music, and remember to support a growing artist by downloading her songs, I have included convenient links throughout this article so you can do that easier. I recommend purchasing the new album whole (here) because it really does give an excellent taste of her style and music. I for one am looking forward to the other parts of the album and I will be sure to update on release dates!


March 2017 began her first headlining tour, and as this article is being written there are only a few more shows in the northeast for this run. I am confident her career will continue to grow and warrant further touring. I hope I can make it to the next tour!


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Current Jams


I love Music

It entertains me, drives me, moves me.

Yeah, I guess I am one of those people.


I am originally from New York and I feel like we’re born with all things musical and creative flowing through our veins. Maybe it was just everyone I knew growing up, but I like a wide variety of genres, and generally, without much effort, I have a few songs each week stuck in my head, then they flow into new faves of the moment.

I don’t discriminate, sometimes new to me isn’t NEW, and I do like some covers a lot. If someone asked me whats your favorite song I’d have a hard time narrowing it down to a few hundred. I can’t emphasize enough, how varied my listening is, but hopefully you can come to enjoy the music and information I share.

I am working on my own music, creating and launching an album solely written and produced by myself, so it takes time. But I believe there is room for everyone in music, so I’m gonna share the love to other artists big and small.. here’s my latest jams.


Noah Cyrus for V magazine Jan 2017

So first up, we have Noah Cyrus feat. Labrinth.

The song Make Me Cry has been burning up the airwaves lately but I actually cant get the Marshmellow remix out of my head. One of my little sisters actually turned me onto it, and catchy is an understatement.

Check out the Remix here : Marshmellow REmix. [Noah Cyrus feat Labrinth] 

Check out the original song here: Noah Cyrus feat Labrinth Make Me Cry
For more information about Noah Cyrus [Miley’s little sis] click here : Noah Cyrus
For more information on the English musician Labrinth click here : Labrinth

Download this song now !

I cant seem to get this next song out of my head, its a bit less known but check it out!


EDEN sings to a sold out crowd at Lincoln Hall. Photo: Pearl Shin

The artist is EDEN.

Hes an Irish electronic music Producer who definitely will have you singing along and riding the waves of his emotions as he spills them out with complicated and thoughtful lyrics… 

My personal fave songs of his are : DRUGS , GRAVITY and WAKE UP.

For more information about EDEN click here : EDEN 

hey violet

Finally rounding out songs stuck in my head is GUYS MY AGE by Hey Violet.

Download this song now!

It took some years to settle on band members and find their groove and style, but with a hit on the radio and a full album to enjoy, I think we’re just seeing the beginning of Hey Violet.

This track is definitely catchy, Im betting this will be their new radio release : Break My Heart

Check out some of the other awesome music on their album here :Hey Violet Vevo
Find out more about the band : Hey Violet

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My name is Ashley

On social media, I’m KindaKrunchymom. Let’s get that out the way, haha. Im kind of krunchy, i love the earth, I dont take pharmaceutical medicine often, and I’m a real woman, struggling to balance an interestingly busy life, I love the internet, and I spend my days struggling to get back to a plant based diet. I have so many layers, I’m sure there’s one or two that you and I can have shared interests on.


I was born in Manhattan, June 3rd, 1987. My mother took me home to Brooklyn on the train for hours in a heat wave. She had a horrible delivery, I have it on my list to tell you about it one day. I lived with her, then around six months old, she made the hardest decision of her life to have me stay with my grandmother.

me n grandma

When I was five years old I went back to live with my mother and step father at the time. I lived in Jamaica Queens New York City. I was a very early reader, beginning about three and a half, by the time I went to kindergarten, I was reading babysitters club for fun. SO, my outspoken mother went down there and fought to get me skipped to first grade. Impacted the rest of my life, being a year younger than everyone of my peers.

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I began karate and tae kwon do at age 5 and switched to Filipino judo jujitsu eskrima arnis at age 7. I went two to three times a week and my grandfather took me. It was a very impacful and important time in my life and even though I was very active I was always a lil chunk haha.

me at 9 and 10

When I was 12, a lot happened. My grandmother, got sicker than she’d been, and passed away suddenly.
My mother started working, quit her substance abuse cold, left my Puerto rican step father, whom I called and began dating a new man. As I turned 13, I began high school in the midst of all this. The grief, having leave my childhood home, my mother getting remarried, it was a crazy time.

me at 11 3

I drank for the first time. I smoked weed for the first time. I lost my virginity. I learned how to dance. High school has lots of stories and experience,the beginnings of heartbreak and great lifelong friends.


I left my first highschool at 16 and spent that Summer working my first job and falling in love for the first true time.

me at 162

I then tried out an alternative highschool, and although it was nice school I got my GED and moved on towards different jobs. My mother, stepfather and now 2 siblings and her pregnant, were planning on moving out of state to Arizona, so I wanted to get on with things.

I had a few close situation-ship/friendship things and a few months with a boyfriend at an out of state college. My mother moved to Arizona, and I moved in with my grandfather, when I wasn’t travelling, working, or at friends house. A decision was made between my on again off again first love and I to just be friends, (it took years to truly feel and still do, that he is one of my best friends) and I felt lost, I had a few momentous nights struggling to understand how to move on with life.

besitos 2005

I met my husband a few weeks later in a whirlwind of chance. I intend on diving into way more detail another time, but as you can see I like to talk a lot. haha. SO.. I met him Sept 7th 2005.. after two days on the phone.. and we got married for better or worse (YOU have no idea the half of it all these years…) November 3rd 2005.


We moved sight unseen for him… to Arizona. We began life together, and I got pregnant March of 2006. My daughter was born October 2006. My son was born Jan 2010. We lived in Mesa, Chandler and Tolleson Arizona. Somewhere in there, I reconnected with my biological father, and half brother who I love to death. (He inspired me to take my music seriously.) My moms true love my stepdad, passed away in 2015. We moved away from them but we’re all together now. We lived in the unique hell that is Ocala Florida for 6 months. The even more unique side of hell including temporary homelessness in Houston Texas for six months.. and now we live in New Mexico together.

I am 5’6 boobalicious and curvy. (hahaha) No but really if your a plus size or big chested gal, i gotchu. I use medical marijuana under the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, and I’m a big supporter of responsible marijuana use. I homeschool my children, do all the traditional wife things, and I love being a part of the mom and family community on YouTube. I understand quite a bit of Spanish. I worked fluently at 16 but not having use for it has made my fluency wain.


Im an empath, and I’ve only really begun understanding how that makes me different this past year. Im a major anglophile, I actually have an uncle and two cousins in England that I’ve yet to meet at an adult, I cant wait till we can go. I also love sociology and culture in general. I love a wide variety of music, food, entertainment and a lot more. I cant pick favorites in things. I change my favorite color every few years, and my hair every few months. I love my current piercings and ones I have lost, my tattoos, and all the tattoos I hope to get. Im a big fan of self expression and I like people with personality. I will not tolerate bullying or bigotry without any desire to grow. My grandfather told me to learn something new everyday, and I try to stick to that. So Im a sucker for documentaries, YouTube personal accounts, and lifestyle stories of many kinds.

me blond2

I really enjoyed choreographed salsa and bachata and merengue dancing as a teen, and all the parties we threw and all the amazing fun we had. My life is very laid back now, but my NEW YORK roots will never die. I have been writing poetry and songs all my life, and I hope to create music to share with the world. I also love music and I tend to have a two songs of the week.. wide variety of music but be sure to look forward to my songs of the week! Being from New York City is a unique way to grow up as I have learned. I have St Croix, Ireland and French Canada in me as well as other things.


My St Croix west Indian grandfather identifies simply as black, and I had interesting life experiences due to my own skin color believe it or not, and especially in interactions with family members and the outside world..

I am pansexual sexually but lean to males romantically, and I have been married over 11 years now, in a traditional marriage.

I am loud, sweet, funny, sarcastic, loving, selfless, creative, sensitive, and after wanting to make videos and start a blog for 11 YEARS..

Here I am finally..

I hope you all can find something from me, I promise to pour my heart to you, and spill any knowledge I come across. I will always be truthful if I mention a company, product or service, and I hope that my integrity is the biggest thing I can convey across the screen to you, because its a trait of mine that means so much to me.



Here’s to the future and new friendships!