Current Jams


I love Music

It entertains me, drives me, moves me.

Yeah, I guess I am one of those people.


I am originally from New York and I feel like we’re born with all things musical and creative flowing through our veins. Maybe it was just everyone I knew growing up, but I like a wide variety of genres, and generally, without much effort, I have a few songs each week stuck in my head, then they flow into new faves of the moment.

I don’t discriminate, sometimes new to me isn’t NEW, and I do like some covers a lot. If someone asked me whats your favorite song I’d have a hard time narrowing it down to a few hundred. I can’t emphasize enough, how varied my listening is, but hopefully you can come to enjoy the music and information I share.

I am working on my own music, creating and launching an album solely written and produced by myself, so it takes time. But I believe there is room for everyone in music, so I’m gonna share the love to other artists big and small.. here’s my latest jams.


Noah Cyrus for V magazine Jan 2017

So first up, we have Noah Cyrus feat. Labrinth.

The song Make Me Cry has been burning up the airwaves lately but I actually cant get the Marshmellow remix out of my head. One of my little sisters actually turned me onto it, and catchy is an understatement.

Check out the Remix here : Marshmellow REmix. [Noah Cyrus feat Labrinth] 

Check out the original song here: Noah Cyrus feat Labrinth Make Me Cry
For more information about Noah Cyrus [Miley’s little sis] click here : Noah Cyrus
For more information on the English musician Labrinth click here : Labrinth

Download this song now !

I cant seem to get this next song out of my head, its a bit less known but check it out!


EDEN sings to a sold out crowd at Lincoln Hall. Photo: Pearl Shin

The artist is EDEN.

Hes an Irish electronic music Producer who definitely will have you singing along and riding the waves of his emotions as he spills them out with complicated and thoughtful lyrics… 

My personal fave songs of his are : DRUGS , GRAVITY and WAKE UP.

For more information about EDEN click here : EDEN 

hey violet

Finally rounding out songs stuck in my head is GUYS MY AGE by Hey Violet.

Download this song now!

It took some years to settle on band members and find their groove and style, but with a hit on the radio and a full album to enjoy, I think we’re just seeing the beginning of Hey Violet.

This track is definitely catchy, Im betting this will be their new radio release : Break My Heart

Check out some of the other awesome music on their album here :Hey Violet Vevo
Find out more about the band : Hey Violet

And now its time for me to medicate, yawn.. I been learning how to improve this site all day and I’m tirrrrred lol.

As always, I appreciate you swinging by today,

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